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Eco Slim Electric USB Lighter | Black & Rose Gold

Eco Slim Electric USB Lighter | Black & Rose Gold

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An electric candle lighter is one of those home items you don’t realize you needed until you have one. Not only is an electric candle lighter super simple to use, it’s cost-effective, reduces waste and is safer than using open flames to light wicks.

The long neck reaches wicks in large jars—a serious struggle with matches.

This eco-friendly lighter includes USB charging cord to conveniently recharge for ongoing, continued use.

It utilizes flameless single ARC technology for a clean, butane-free ignition and is rechargable through a USB port, providing up to 130 lights per charge. 

  • On/Off Switch 
  • The battery provides up to 1000 lights per charge
  • Multi-light battery indicator signals charge
  • High powered LED flashlight
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